The holidays are just around the corner. It seems like COVID-19 has messed with our internal clocks. For a year that seemed so slow, its close is approaching faster than usual! It’s time to prepare for winter, holidays, and the New Year by wrapping up household projects and getting our homes ship-shape. 

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Whipping your home into shape includes giving your carpets adequate care. Should you get your carpets cleaned for the holidays? And if so, when is the best time to book an appointment? Today we’re answering these questions and more. 

Why you need to book a carpet cleaning

Due to Coronavirus, most of America has been staying home more and, in some cases, working and/or attending virtual classes from their living rooms. The result is dirtier carpets. Experts suggest that you should get your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months. However, these experts didn’t foresee a pandemic with the ability to keep you at home for six months. Everything in your house requires more maintenance the more you use it, including carpets.

Chances are, you’ve been walking around on your carpets more than usual this year. And with cold weather approaching, you may choose to stay indoors even more. Although it’s tempting to wait until spring to get your carpets cleaned, there is no better time than the present.

With big Thanksgiving and Christmas parties on the horizon, you’ll be inviting family and friends into your home. And more traffic in your home means your carpets will be doing double-duty. You may be panicking and wondering why you didn’t think about this before! Don’t worry, there’s still time to book your carpet cleaning.

When to book a carpet cleaner for the holidays

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Booking a carpet cleaning appointment when the weather is turning bad may seem contradictory. But actually, getting your carpets cleaned before – or even between – the holidays is one of the best times to have it done. A great benefit of getting your carpets cleaned in the fall and winter months is the quick dry time. In a warm, dry house, carpets dry faster. Plus, letting mud, slush, and salt particles build up on your carpets for five months is never a good idea. 

The best time to book a carpet cleaning is one or two months before the holidays begin. Carpet cleaners, like everyone, are busiest around the holidays. Don’t wait till the last minute to schedule. Even if you want to set the appointment for a week before Christmas, contact your cleaner now to reserve your spot in their busy schedule.

Getting an estimate 

Be strategic when booking a carpet cleaner for the holidays. Unless you’ve used a particular carpet cleaner before, you should get an inspection and estimate from a company before you hire it. This will save you from having a surprise issue pop up and being handed a bill that’s larger than you expected. 

Professional carpet cleaners take things like children and pets into account, as well as any other particulars that are unique to your situation. Plan ahead. Call the cleaner with the expectation that the process will include an inspection appointment as well.

Choosing the right company 

One of the first virtues you should look for in a company is its ability to deliver prompt services. This is especially important during the holidays. Choose a company with integrity – one that will go out of its way to accommodate you during the busy season. 

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Make sure the company you choose will give you what you want. Some companies don’t include services like moving furniture or cleaning carpeted stairs. Ask plenty of questions, and you won’t be disappointed. Also, expect to pay more than the cheap option the representative initially pitches to you. Remember that you get what you pay for. 

Since a holiday cleaning comes before or between holidays, be sure to choose the best cleaning option for your individual needs. Want a fast cleaning with no waiting for the carpet to dry? Then you may want to choose a dry cleaning. There are many options to choose from, including wet or steam cleanings. Do your research and pick the one that’s best for your needs.

Clean carpets for the holidays

When should you book a carpet cleaner for the holidays? Right now! Time is running out before the holidays kick into full gear. And, remember, brightening up your home for the holidays has never been so important. After a hard year, we’re all long overdue for a fresh start. 

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