Best Bathroom Mold Remediation in Cleveland, Missouri


Bathroom mold remediation in progress. A drying fan is used to alleviate the smell of mold reducing chemicals.

Mold growth in your home or office is nothing to be taken lightly. If left unattended, mold can damage property, trigger allergies and infections, and result in other serious health issues. The leading causes of mold growth are humid environments and excess moisture.

While small amounts of mold growth can be controlled with adequate cleaning and dehumidification, mold spreading in the bathroom is a red flag. It should be investigated by a professional mold remediation service.

Here’s why you should avoid removing mold on your own:

Mold Growth Speed

Virtually every type of mold thrives in moist, dusty, and humid areas, making some nooks and crannies of your bathroom a good breeding area.

Extent of Damage

You never know the extent of growth and damage dealt to the property unless you thoroughly investigate. Mold can quickly grow in wall cracks, below the sink, and even behind tiles.

Other areas of mold growth include air ducts, under the flooring, and several hidden areas. Only a competent mold remediation service knows how to find and deal with these spots.

Health Hazard

Removing mold on your own can be hazardous to your health. When you clean mold, it goes airborne and can be inhaled, triggering allergic reactions and causing health-related issues like coughing, eye irritation, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, insomnia, and much more.

Because of a hot and humid environment, especially during summer, residents of Missouri struggle a lot to keep bathroom mold growth at bay. Contacting a reliable mold remediation company is the solution if you’re constantly dealing with mold growth in your household or workplace. Enviro-Dry offers one of the best mold remediation services that you can rely upon.

How to Remove Mold Safely

If you have surface mold, you might handle it to a certain extent. However, calling certified bathroom mold remediation services is non-negotiable when it comes to mold infestations. Before doing the cleaning yourself, remember to wear safety gloves, goggles, and a face mask, and keep the area ventilated.

Using Vinegar and Bleach

You can either mix vinegar with water or only use vinegar to clean the surface mold. Spray the vinegar mixture directly on the mold and leave it overnight. While vinegar is effective in removing mildew, it might not work on mold.

You might have heard people suggesting using bleach for mold removal, but bleach is also ineffective in eradicating mold completely, primarily when used on a porous surface.

Scrubbing Mold

Besides using vinegar to remove surface mold from non-porous surfaces, use a hard-bristled brush to scrub off any mold clinging to the surface. Even if you manage to scrape off mold, it’s likely for the mold to return in a few days, especially when you have a less ventilated, humid, and moist bathroom.

Maintaining Ventilation

While it is challenging to completely get rid of mold without professional help, keeping the bathroom ventilated keeps the mold from thriving. You can install a bigger exhaust fan or open the bathroom window if humidity develops. Keeping the bathroom dry also prevents mold growth. Remove any excess water on the bathroom floor after a shower.

Bottom line, even if you think you might handle this on your own, the best approach to eliminate mold in your bathroom is to call in a reliable remediation company. In Cleveland, Missouri, Enviro-Dry provides top-notch mold removal services, so call us.

They have an extremely qualified team of professionals equipped with innovative tech to safely and effectively remove mold. You won’t be exposed to harmful mold spores. Contact Enviro-Dry today to not only remove mold from your bathroom but also to identify the root cause of it and address the problem once and for all.

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