Professional Water Damage Restoration in Garden City, Missouri


Key Takeaways

  • Water damage can cause serious structural damage.
  • Regularly check for water damage in your home.
  • Different types of water damage require different solutions.
  • Category 1 water damage is mild and easily repairable.
  • Category 2 water damage requires extensive cleaning and disinfection.
  • Category 3 water damage is the most severe and requires professional removal.

Live in Garden City, Missouri, and looking for a reputable water damage company? Let’s dive into the different types of water damage.

Water damage is a largely overlooked homeowner issue that can lead to serious structural damage. Water damage is hard to detect if the source of damage is small. But if left unattended, the damage can easily spread and very rapidly deteriorate your home’s internal structures. It is essential for homeowners to regularly check their homes for water damage to catch hold of any issues early on.

Depending on the type and degree of damage, you can either resolve the issue yourself or will need to consult a professional to treat the damage. If you’re dealing with water damage in Garden City, Missouri, it’s best to contact a professional restoration company like Enviro-Dry. They have over 15 years of experience in water damage restoration and can help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Professional Water Damage Restoration in Garden City, Missouri - Photo of a couch surrounded by water in a living room that has been effected by flooding.

Types of Water Damage

A major cause of premature structural damage in homes is water damage. The methods for mitigation and restoration highly depend on the type of water damage endured by your home. Professional restorers will be able to quickly identify the type of damage and appropriately come up with solutions. With years of experience and workers who have been professionally trained to identify, mitigate, and repair water damage, Enviro-Dry provides a guarantee of desired results. There are three major categories of water damage, each characterized by the water and nature of absorption.

Category 1

This type of damage is caused by clear water. Clearwater is not highly contaminated and is not harmful to humans. Rain or flood water can be classified as clear water. Category 1 damage is also much less significant and evident in terms of the damage. Non-absorptive material, when mildly affected by water, can be referred to as water damage.


Category 1 damages can be easily repaired. If a permanent structure within the home has been affected, then mild disinfection followed by drying will suffice. If it is a movable object, then placing it in the sunlight will also help. These can easily be done on your own. A professional repair company, however, will provide industrial-grade fans that will speed up the process.

Category 2

Category 2 water damage is more severe than Category 1, but it’s repairable. It is caused by gray water. This water comprises contaminants and microorganisms and can harm humans to a certain extent. This damage is usually endured by more porous and absorptive material that is harder to remove moisture. 


Category 2 damage requires extensive disinfection and cleaning. If the affected area can be disassembled, it is removed from the affected space, disinfected, dried, and then reinstalled. A waterproof coating or lining is applied to the material before reinstallation to prevent damage later on.

Category 3

This type of damage is the most severe in terms of both contamination and the area affected, and drastic repair measures may be required to undo it. It is caused by highly contaminated black water. It contains all sorts of pollutants and microorganisms that are highly dangerous. Black water sources include broken sewage and drainage lines. Very absorptive materials, such as drywalls, carpets, woodwork, soft furniture, etc., are affected by it.


When a part of your home is affected by category 3 damage, removing it is the best way to salvage the affected region. Since the damage is extensive, it is likely to have spread to other regions. To avoid further spreading, extricating the damaged portion is very important. The area is then disinfected and rebuilt. 

It is best if the removal procedure is carried out by professionals who know how to handle contaminated material without the risk of spreading it. Enviro-Dry has dealt with these 3 categories multiple times and is well-equipped to handle the removal process safely and efficiently.

Water damage is a severe potential hazard to homes. It is important to keep an eye out for such damage. Consult a professional service like Enviro-Dry as soon as you notice signs of water damage to maximize the possibility of a complete restoration.

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